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Taxis on Ukraine

: 5
Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine Taxis on Ukraine
Type of car:
Price: 5 UAH
Type of car: Passenger car up to 4 persons (UAH / km), Minibus up to 8 people (UAH / km), Minibus up to 18 people (UAH / km)

Transfer on Ukraine.

We are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to always and everywhere to be as sociable and free of the circumstances during their stay not only in Kiev but also in the whole Ukraine.


Our service includes delivery of passengers and baggage anywhere in the country and abroad.

The main advantages of the service are as follows:

First price for the transfer on Ukraine is significantly lower than in all of Kiev taxi;

Second, in some cases it is even cheaper and faster than a plane;

and the third is the communication skills and availability, at any time you can order by phone or pre-booked through the order form.

We present you the preliminary calculation of travel times and prices for the transfer of the most popular destinations in Ukraine.

Table of prices and distances - File to skachevaniya


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