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Taxi Kiev Airport

Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport Taxi Kiev  Airport
Type of car:
Price: 350 UAH
Type of car: Passenger car up to 4 people, Minibus up to 8 people, Minibus up to 18 people

We are pleased to offer you a meeting, and the wires in the car business class, as well as vans.

At any time we meet you or your guests and deliver anywhere in Kiev.

railway/station Kiev - Airport

Kiev city - Boryspil town

railway/station Kiev - Boryspil town

Kiev city – Airport

250 UAH

32 $



(mах. 4 people)

400 UAH

50 $


(mах. 8 people)

Price includes transfer:


* Submission of a car / van

* Unlimited aircraft landing or waiting for the arrival of the train in case of flight delay

* Meeting the passenger at the arrival hall or on the platform near the exit of the train car with a name plate (passenger's name or the name of the organization - on request)

* Delivery of passengers specified in the application at

* The total transfer time from the arrival of a train or plane arrivals and deliver passengers to the specified address - is 2 hours.

* Waiting for the passenger than the time specified in the packet service time is equal to the cost of renting a car


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