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Questions and answers.

Why your apartment so expensive?
I have seen apartments in Boryspil to other sites at a price of 250-300 hryvnia per day.
The average price of apartments 350 hryvnia per night is not expensive, and even an order of magnitude cheaper. Judge for yourself. Cleaning of the apartment is about 70 hryvnia, laundry and ironing of bed linen and towels are also about 50 hryvnia kit, plus taxes, komunalka, the cost of the line rental, advertising, and personal hygiene items, as well as tea, coffee and sugar. Do you think it would be for the apartment for 250 hryvnia per day? Most likely it will be a flat is not cleaned properly, and bedding is not the first freshness, and more on what can be saved.
Do not skimp on your health in such apartments can be something sick.

Do you have a discount?
Yes there is. But it depends on the number of people who will live and stay.
The possibility and the discount given by company manager.

How is the clearance and settlement in the apartment?
At the agreed time, our staff will be waiting for you at the apartment. It will give you the keys to the apartment, execute all documents and will you pay for accommodation.
How to book an apartment? Book your apartment you can call any phone number given on the site, specify the date and time of your arrival. You will need to confirm your reservation no later than one day prior to the date of arrival. In case of no confirmation of the reservation for one day - the organization reserves the right to cancel your reservation. The fee in advance for reservation will be charged.

How can you get to by public transport from the r / w station Kiev?
Option number 1 - from the South Station (the reverse side of the central train / railway station) every 20 minutes off-Th shuttle bus № 322 to aeroprta Boryspil
then at the airport should move to the city bus number 2 (timetable here).
Price - 25grn. USD 2 .. = 27grn/chel., And it will take sometime 1ch.30m - 2 hrs ..
Option number 2 - go down in the subway, and direct connections to the metro station "left bank"
from every 6 minutes off bus № 316 to Borispol (no arrival at the airport).
Price - 2grn. UAH 10. = 12grn/chel., And it will take somewhere-1h. - 1ch.30m ..
Option number 3 - will go down in the subway, and with a change in the metro to metro station "Kharkiv"
from every 8 minutes off bus № 317 to Borispol (no arrival at the airport).
Price - 2grn. 8 USD. = 10grn/chel., And it will take somewhere-1h. - 1ch.30m ..
But the surest solution is to transfer an order with us, which includes meeting you at the car of a train
luggage, dastavku in Borispol, and settling into the apartment.

I can cook anything in the apartment to eat, there are some dishes?
Yes, the apartment has a full set of furniture and utensils intended for food preparation and eating.

Gives you a posted the required financial documents to report to the accounting department?
Absolutely. We provide all the necessary accounting documents for the report.

Could it be that I have booked an apartment for rent will lodge another
more "profitable" customer?
We do not have "favorable" and "unprofitable" customers. If you have prepaid, you can expect guaranteed to be occupied just at the apartment, which was chosen. In the case of force majeure (beyond our control), you will be offered a similar class and price of apartment or a higher level.

If I change my mind take root, and the deposit is made, can I withdraw money?
No you can not. The deposit is not refundable. Under current law, the deposit is not just a pre-payment is a way to ensure commitment to the transaction. Abandoning its obligations under the concluded transaction of renting an apartment for rent, you put us losses.
Because we refuse to booked your apartment to other customers.

Does the price of an apartment on the number of living?
If the apartment has a 4-D beds, and plans to settle the company of 4 people
then the discount can not count. Consequently, if a person intends to settle, you can safely lay claim to bonuses because of discounts.
At the same time, if guests arrive than there are beds in the apartment,
then the price will be greater because of the need of equipment extra bed for you.

Does your company out time, as is commonly accepted in hotels?
As with hotels, the estimated time - 12:00. In consultation with you, the time of settlement or departure can be changed. In the case of early settlement (before 12:00) or late departure (after 12:00), you must pay an additional 50% of the daily cost of renting an apartment. This additional fee is due to the fact that we have a loss, denying other clients in the settlement for the full day before the date of your early arrival or late after your departure. However, the policy of our company is that we try, if possible, to go to meet clients.
Coordinate time of departure from the administrator, for reservations.

Are the apartments pictures and descriptions?
Yes, of course! We are adding photos and descriptions of apartments for you to be able to choose the perfect option, and not to mislead you.
Photos of apartments is fully consistent with their actual status and description!

How can I see the apartments are handed over?
Photos of apartments are handed over to the daily rent are available on our website.
We guarantee full compliance with apartments located photos.
If you want to look for an apartment "live" - this is possible - but only at a time when the apartment is not our customers.

For how long you can rent an apartment?
We offer apartments - 1 day or more, however, possible to rent an apartment arrangement hourly.
On the issue of settlement of the hour, please make arrangements with the manager individually.

Can I rent an apartment for a holiday?
No. Apartments do not give up for parties.

 Is it always have hot water in the apartments?   Yes, always. All apartments are self-contained water heating.

Are there any apartments near the parking lot? Yes there is, next to each apartment, there is no parking.
Guarded parking lot is located 15 minutes here.

And the airport is within walking distance?
In principle it is possible but not recommended.
Walk away 50 minutes of time, and it is not safe, because the path of your will take place on the busy highway.
It is better to use a taxi or public transportation.

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